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Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for visiting my site! I hope you enjoy reading about my work and browsing my collections.


I have been making miniature dolls since 2006, creating every aspect of the doll myself. I create every doll using porcelain and hand paint each individual face. I create dolls from the Tudor period to the present day and specialise in commissions.




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Image courtesy of Angela Hartnall, Anglia Dolls Houses



Contact me on 07747835240


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"Available Dolls, "as they have become known, are pieces that I have felt inspired to produce in addition to my bespoke commissions. The "available dolls" are priced at my discression and are usually lower than bespoke work. In addition, these figures do not carry a lengthy waiting list. Consequently "available dolls" are sold on a first come first serve basis and will not be repeated at their current price. If you wish to receive notification of the next "available dolls release" please contact me or join my mailing list. Please note, all available dolls will only be repeated at the usual price: starting at £295  for adults and £220 for children.




Bespoke figures are the most special miniatures that I produce. Limited only by your imagination and budget! You can choose everything about your piece down to the tiniest details of jewellery and eye colour. Instead of searching for years for the perfect piece to fit your miniature scene you can commission me to produce exactly what you want.

Prices start at £325




Reproductions are another branch of my commissioned work. These are just as they sound - reproductions/replicas of my previous designs, Prices range from £295 for adults and £220 for children.

Available Dolls



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"During the course of just over a decade, Georgina has become one of our most highly regarded miniature doll artisans, bringing to life fascinating characters who take your breath away with their amazing detail." 



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Available Dolls

"One of the Miniature World's Finest Artisans"

Dolls House and Miniature Scene

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There are three ways to purchase figures...


Christmas has come early here to cheer us all up during the second lockdown! Christmas lights and decorations are appearing all over the place.


I will be taking part in the Christmas Kensington Dolls House Festival online show on 27th Novembe at 10am.





Christmas Kensington Online Dolls House Festival


27th November