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Bespoke Figures







The only limits with a bespoke piece are your imagination and budget. You can choose everything about your piece down to the tiniest details of jewellery and eye colour. Instead of searching for years for the perfect piece to fit your miniature scene you can commission me to produce exactly what you want.







The best way to commission your piece is to contact me with an idea of what you would like me to create for you. Please provide as much detail as you can and if possible some pictures. The list below may seem a little extensive however, if you provide all the details from the outset you are less likely to need to pay for alterations once the piece is finished.









Tell me a little more about the character you would like me to create.. 

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Height

  • Shape/weight

  • Eye colour and hair colour

  • Posture, for intstance sitting or standing, "buttoned up" or relaxed

  • Personaity: stern, jolly, wistful, sad, angry etc


Tell me a little more about the period your figure will be from...


  • For instance will they be living in the  Flambuoyant Georgian Era or the roaring 20s?

  • What is their social class?

  • Are they living in the town our country?


Please provide precise details that you would like for your figure...


  • For instance, what hair colour and hair style?

  • Please describe the shoes that you would like and what you would like them to be made from.

  • What fabric would you like the costume to be made from? Eg. silk or cotton?

  • Would you like any additional accessories such as a purse or hat?









Bespoke pieces often take many hours longer than designs from my usual range and are therefore carry a higher price. Bespoke pieces start at £325






There is usually a waiting list of about 6 months for my work and I have a full order book. It could be slightly more or slightly less but I will agree the timescale with you before accepting a deposit.







I take a 10% deposit upfront to hold the space in my order book. Before starting work on the commission I take a further 40%. The remaining 50% is paid on completion of the piece. I produce all bespoke work according to the agreed brief and send you high resolution images of the finished piece before accepting full payment.  







In order to protect you and I, please note that bespoke pieces are produced specifically for one person's tastes and requirements and therefore are not suitable for resale. For this reason (when commissioning a bespoke piece) you enter an agreement to purchase the figure once it has been produced, provided it has been created according to the original brief. If you do not wish to make this sort of committment, you may prefer to buy figures as they become available in my online shop.


Please provide the most detailed brief possible when commissioning the figure. Additions and alterations beyond the original brief are usually possible however it is with the understanding that this will cost extra.


"The only limits are your imagination  "

How to commission a bespoke piece


How long will it take?


Terms and Conditions

Bespoke figures are the most special miniatures I produce


How to prepare a brief for a bespoke piece