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Yes, but not for the purposes of talking to them! The original sculptures are all named so that it's easier to identify them and for collectors to know which they have in their collection and which they don't. It's easier for me to work with names as a reference as opposed to numbers!



    The names are:


  • Niamh

  • Simon                      Children

  • Louise

  • Michael


  • Emma

  • Vicky

  • Katherine

  • Ruth                        

  • Margaret

  • Caroline

  • Nell  

  • Dora


  • Edward

  • Bill

  • John                      

  • Craig

  • Charles








Charles headshot


mr darcy headshot IMG_8827

Image courtesy of Anglia Dolls Houses

As a maker, the orginal dolls are completely unique to me.  i.e. if you purchase an original doll, it has not been created from a commercially available mould, taken from another arttists' sculpture. From a collector's point of view, original dolls are less abundant and therefore more rare.


I own the master sculptures and copyright to eighteen different characters. From these master sculptures, master silicoln moulds are made in order to create porcelain production moulds from plaster of paris. It is from these plaster of Paris moulds that I create my original dolls from porcelain.










What is special about your "original dolls?"

Do you have a good range of characters?

Do your original figures have names?

I think so. In so much as they aren't all "pretty faced ladies." I am working on project for a large Victorian house at the moment. It is quite a challenge creating 30 figures with a range of ages and professions for the one house but I have more or less managed to fill it using my original characters with a few minor adaptions at the casting and paint firing stage.


Are any of the characters modelled on real people?

I pay a lot of attention to the conventions of portraiture when creating my figures as I like to think of a miniature setting as a still life painting in three dimensions. So, in this sense I try to create figures that look like "real people." Original Doll Charles is modelled on the artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh and inspired by the  Mackintosh dolls' houses.


Katherine-Headshot Drawing-Room anglia-12

"Eighteen original figures copyright of Georgina Ritson"


Image courtesy of Anglia Dolls Houses

Image courtesy of Anglia Dolls Houses

Image courtesy of Anglia Dolls Houses

Image courtesy of Anglia Dolls Houses

Image courtesy of Anglia Dolls Houses

Original Doll Emma

Original Doll Katherine

Original Doll Vicky

Original Doll Dora