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Original Dolls

Eighteen Original Figures Copyright of Georgina Ritson.

Original Doll Vicky.JPG

Since I began making dolls in 2006, I have used hundreds of different moulds. Amazing characters have been created for porcelain doll makers by talented artists. I create my figures from a variety of different moulds including those of Gina Bellous, House of Caron and in particular the Parker Levi fashion dolls. 

However, most of the figures I have created over the years are derived from my own original moulds. Allow me to introduce some of these figures to you now....


I pay a lot of attention to the conventions of portraiture when creating my figures as I like to think of a miniature setting as a still life painting in three dimensions. So, in this sense I try to create figures that look like "real people."



Original Doll Vicky, dressed in 18th Century French Court Costume. Vicky has a poseable head and a beautiful face. Her looks are versatile so you will find her dressed for all eras. 



Original Doll Margaret, dressed as Lady Bertram in Regency attire. I like to create sleeping figures occasionally to quietly blend in to your miniature scene. 



Original Doll John, dressed as the iconic London Dorchester Hotel Doorman. 



Original Doll Molly, dressed as Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire. Molly has a static head and shoulder plate, with well defined features, high cheek bones and large eyes. You will find her on my website usually dressed for the Georgian period.



Original Doll Katherine, dressed as a glamorous 1940s lady. Katherine is one of my dolls with a poseable head. She is recognisable with her mouth slightly open. You will find her on my website usually dressed as a glamorous 20th century character.



Original Doll Emma, dressed in a Victorian summer outfit. Another doll with a poseable head, Emma has a particularly delicate face with a very dainty nose. I use this figure a lot. She looks particularly well dressed for the Regency period and the Edwardian Belle Epoque.


Aida Margaret

This lady has become one of the most popular figures that I create. I have made her in many different guises but mostly I like her in twentieth century two piece suits with a hat and plenty of costume jewellery.


Over the last ten years, my mother has peered into the cabinet, where I keep the dolls for safe keeping, and commented “it’s Nana Manning!” my late maternal grandmother. I have decided that this lady is now going to be known as Aida Margaret, in memory of my late maternal grandmother.

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